Smoky Amapola [Hibiscus Infused Sugar with Morita Chili]

Smoky Amapola [Hibiscus Infused Sugar with Morita Chili]

About This Blend


Amapola, or flor de maga, is a species of Hibiscus flower native to Puerto Rico. You might be familiar with the popular Mexican drink, "Agua de Jamaica" (flor de Jamaica in Mexican Spanish= hibiscus)


Made with hand-roasted Morita chili and ground hibiscus, this infused sugar provides a natural way to color confections, teas and beverages. Pair with hot or cold citrus & ginger drinks and cocktails or top onto fresh berry pastries and ice creams.


Flavor wise this is a high-heat blend, with tart, cranberry notes that come from the hibiscus. 


-Sweetening both hot & cold citrus and ginger teas
-Sprinkle onto freshly baked sweet-cream confections and desserts 
-Use as a rimming sugar for cocktails, fruit punches, and spritzers 
-Use a a muddling sugar in cocktails 




About Our Products


Our spice blends are made with fresh herbs that we grow, hand-roast, and grind ourselves.

Anything else we add is carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and freshness.


Shelf- Life


All blends store at room temperature for up to two years unless otherwise specified. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat.

Allergy Information


Our products are produced in shared equipment which also processes wheat, fish, milk, eggs, fenugreek, peanuts and tree nuts.

How Many Servings Come In a Tin?


One 2 oz. tin yields four full tablespoons of blend.

  • Blend Ingredients

    Organic cane sugar, dehydrated Hibiscus, hand-roasted Morita Chili. 

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