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Sandra's first memory of cooking was in her family's small and humble kitchen back in Guánica, Puerto Rico. Barely being able to reach the counter, she would stand on an old tin of soda crackers while she ground spices and learned how to make sofrito, the cooking base used in seasoning many traditional Puerto Rican dishes. 


Years have passed and Sandra is still just as curious about cooking and just as passionate about preparing rich and flavorful food. Her curiosity has led her to experiment with various cuisines and methods, but she always comes back to her roots. Sazón Forte represents not only just the rich flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine, but the unique take Sandra incorporates into all of her culinary adventures.

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Paloma, OR

This is the best idea for the foodies on your Christmas list. I can assure you the Adobo and Sazon are MUCH better than the store bought kind. I made a turkey (pavochon) with mine and it came out deeelicious. Thank you!


Sefa, TX

Great for cooking all types of meals. I love that each ingredient is homegrown and handpicked for an exceptional flavor! And the fast shipping is a huge plus.


Nathaly, DC

LOVE all of their products, I've been a customer for years. I bought this starter kit as a Christmas gift. It’s beautifully and professionally packaged so you don't have to do add anything else. 


Will be a forever customer.

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